to joel is to poke someone repeatedly, especially in the sides of the abdomen and under the arms.
jill: what the hell is his problem?
alex: i don't know but he needs to quit joelin' on me.
jill: whaddafux
alex: preach
by thrashwomanwarrior July 12, 2011
Top Definition
Getting drunk to the point of being out of control. Being past the point of wasted.
He was straight joelin' last night when he called that girl a retard then skipped off after throwing up all over himself!
by dazdnconfused76 December 13, 2010
Acting like a fool, driving down the road with techno blaring out the windows, smoking a blunt.
yo, were you Joelin' down the street the other day?
by mr. goodcat7722 March 29, 2010
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