The term for getting with the bike that is Joel Pullan
Lancaster Grammar Boy

The word Joeling can also be used

I Got Joeled!
You Just Got Joeled
Shes Getiing Joeled
We Got Joeled
You All Just Got Joeled
They Are Gonna Get Joeled

Shes Gonna Get A Joeling Tonight
by HeadJoeler November 06, 2008
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On a rare occasion, it's when a person hits the jackpot in the lottery and due to their extreme excited, has an orgasm at the same time.
"OH GOD! Oh god, yes! I've won the lottery! ... I'm having an orgasm..."
by MichaelJCaboose December 19, 2014
like winning the lottery and having an orgasm at the same time
OMG I have been joeled, YES
by andergriff January 01, 2015
to state an incredible fact, make people believe it, and then admit that you're full of shit with the monotonous utterance of, "no, no, im not" or "no, no, it isn't."
I climbed mount everest once,........ "No, No, I haven't." said in a totally serious manner with a monotone. Hahaha, you've been joeled.
by Dirr October 19, 2010
When you and your friends order something at a dining establishment, and then when the food comes, you smell, see, or taste the food that was your SECOND choice. At that time, you realize that your whole night will now suck, because you ordered the wrong've been Joeled.
When the waitress came out with your fajita all sizzling and smoking...i just knew I had been Joeled.
by WingNut1976 October 12, 2010
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