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County Executive of Erie County, NY. Possibly the most vile and corrupt politician since Boss Tweed. This deceitful gastropod has all but bankrupted the county while continuing to hand out gobs of taxpayer money to friends and relatives in exchange for blowjobs. All those appointmented to their positions by him are as a result of massive sycophancy, despite the sore knees and jaws they developed under his executive desk.

Threatened the taxpayers to either accept his tax increases and bloated government or he'd shut off the services, effectively leaving the citizens without sheriff's patrols, parks or snow plowing.

This motherfucker gives us his middle finger because he knows he can't be recalled unless he murders someone. But he accepted the blame for the fiscal mess in a press conference performance that was so insincere his cronies were squirming. Has the audacity to say he will "keep his promise" of not running for another term as though he was performing some noble feat for the masses. In fact, he was most likely responding to the polls that showed 94% of the county residents want him to resign now.

This douchebag needs to be strapped to the roof of the car his $82,000-a-year driver used, and carted off to North Korea.
Joel Giambra has managed to make Mayor Masiello look like a sympathetic figure.
by Beastfan March 03, 2005
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