(noun, singular): The person you should always come to when he calls you; an irresistible Joe who also wants YOU
Heather came home one day and Joe said, Come to Joe-Head, and Heather came. (Variant phrasings might include "come to the head of Joe")
by Joe-Head March 04, 2006
Top Definition
A term of ridicule assigned to a young child with a disproportionately head/body ratio.

Typically used as an insult of last resort (when the user has exhausted all logical alternatives and must resort to aesthetics-based attacks).

Extremely powerful - but with long lasting effects that will cause the recipient to hate you deeply for life.
I thought Joehead was about to kick the game winning goal, but instead he capsized under the weight of his own head at the moment he was about to kick for a score.
by Christchurch Express March 27, 2010
1. An Average Joe A man phobic of police tapping phones & Blaims Government for things that their fault but live off

2. Any male who is the avoid even is slightless way, or a
pain in neck
"our being A joe-head"
by Micheal South September 17, 2005
A ugly average Joe who blaims life's problem's on the government when they live on them using wellfare and never hold a job on purpose. Uses other people's phones for avoiding police tapping theirs, and claim their normal.

inspired by average joe
see: Joe & Anita
The Joe-head reacted to the seeing the officer.
by Michel Mullin September 16, 2005

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