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A young genderless object or tool which is found highly annoying in a situation of a large crowd of 10-15 people.

It has also been classified as a class A drug which is only illegal at such gathering as "house party's or "field party's".

It has been known to give such symptoms as piercing of skin on the lower region of the face (chin).

Also the main effect which comes in 12 to 24 hours after being infected is continuous usage of the statement which is know as "lying" this seems to be compulsory at this level. Others call it "Joeshit".

This does not just effect itself but others as it has been known to borrow large amounts of money and is unable to re-pay the money due to insufficient funds and the hiding of money to use at a later date to buy such items as alcoholic beverages.

In a wild surrounding filling with women this Joe-Mar maybe seen as dangerous and shows animal like characteristic by using an Irresistible gaze which stuns females and occasionally some males. After heavily tested by Doctor Carlito B (a 16 year old sasquach) he Quotes... that this is a case of "Player Fever".

Note if seen please alarm.... Oh sorry thats just my flirt alert.... Code Red he is out of site !!!!!!!!!!! LOL
(This first example must be sung to get the full effect)

"Because i know a joe that will get on your joe, joe joe i know a joe that will get on your joe and this is how it joes ......"

"Joeshit, Joe-Mar"

Seen is such films as...

"Harold & Joe-Mar Go to McDonalds"

"Harold & Joe-Mar Escape from brokeback mountain"

Joe-Mar's World 1&2 the complete epic

The Incredible Joe-Mar
by Joe Donaldson June 18, 2008
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