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euphemism for an idiot, or someone who speaks without any knowledge of what they claim to be a professional of. Unlicensed, unqualified and uninformed. A dufus.
My neighbor is Joe The Plumber, he's been talking about buying a business worth a quarter of a million when he barely has two quarters to rub together. He's not even a licensed plumber.
by Stalin for time October 19, 2008
None of these entries are fully correct. Joe the Plumber is the plumber mentioned by John McCain in the third presidential debate. Joe is actually a plumber from Toledo, Ohio. His name is Joe Wurzelbacher, and he owns a small plumbing business. He does an excellent job at plumbing, and he is worried about his small business's future if Barack Obama is elected president. However, Barack Obama is the man!
Joe the plumber came all the way from Toledo, Ohio to Wheeling, West Virginia once just to fix my leaky faucet
by Joe's Loyal customer October 16, 2008
A plumber of 12 years who demostrated concern to Obama since he wanted to purchase his plumbing business which made more than $250,000/year, and would thus be subject to higher taxes under Obama's tax plan. He claimed that the increase in taxes stopped him from pursuing the business since he wouldn't be able to afford his workers. In the third presidential debate, McCaine referenced Joe the Plumber to express how Obama's tax reform will affect small business owners like Joe. This caused a lot of media attention towards "Joe the Plumber", and Joe Biden recently expressed his lack of concern towards "Joe the Plumber" by saying most plumbers do not make $250,000/year.
Joe the Plumber is an example of how middle class citizens will be affected by Obama's tax plan, but he makes up for a minority of small business owners-- according to Obama, 98% of small business makes less than $250,000/year
by JMilberoni October 16, 2008
The ex-hardcore-porn movie actor who does plumbing for the neighbors occasionally. He is also planning to be an entrepreneur in the future, had a brief conversation with Barack Obama, and worries that the tax plans under the new administration will affect his plans for the big bright future.

Generally considered the same IQ, a little bit higher or lower than Joe six pack-- depending on your religious beliefs.
Person A: "Dude, did you watch Obama and McCain talking about Joe the plumber? I really enjoyed it! I feel I know a whole lot more about the economic plans of the two presidential candidates"

Person B: "Pathetic!"
by TlPbBiPoAtRn October 15, 2008
Ordinary person who works hard, hard worker, tradesman, craftsman, down-to-earth person, worker
Paraphrased from a quote in a New York Times story about business travel in the late 1980s--

"now business executives travel in economy class with Joe the plumber using his frequent flier miles"

NOTE: If anyone has any questions about this entry, please let me know.

by Joel Bader January 02, 2008
My plumber
Baby, don't use the upstairs toilet. I need to call local, everyday, average guy Joe the Plumber to help bail us out.
by Drew Daddy October 15, 2008