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euphemism for an idiot, or someone who speaks without any knowledge of what they claim to be a professional of. Unlicensed, unqualified and uninformed. A dufus.
My neighbor is Joe The Plumber, he's been talking about buying a business worth a quarter of a million when he barely has two quarters to rub together. He's not even a licensed plumber.
by Stalin for time October 19, 2008
Sweaty greedy bald dude
Hey look, it's Joe the Plumber! Get him a towel!
by Bobby24212 October 16, 2008
actually, he is a real "plumber". apparently, he doesnt hav a license. Name: Joe Wurzelbacher of Lucas County, Ohio
he is mentioned over 20 times during, and after, the 3rd and last presidential debate betweeen Obama and McCain (who will win???^^)
PJ: did u watch d debate last nite?
Me: yeps!
funny huh? Joe the Plumber
PJ: huh?
Me: d dude from ohio dat won BIG last nite!!!
by ╬Angel Fangs╬ October 17, 2008
An actual person, Joe Wurzelbacher, questioning Barak Obama's tax/health insurance plan.
I'm going to call Joe the Plumber, CNN recommended him, to repair my leaky sink.
by Jessi B. October 16, 2008
Joe Wurzelbacher, an Ohio man who came to symbolize the notion of spreading the wealth in third and final presidential debate between Democrat Barack Obama and Republican John McCain.

A man from Ohio named Joe Wurzelbacher. Joe the Plumber was used by Barack Obama and John McCain in third and final presidential debate to represent the working middle class of America.
"Joe the Plumber wants to buy the business that he has been in for all of these years, worked 10, 12 hours a day..."

- John McCain
by Utbealonghorn October 16, 2008
Joe Wurzelbacher, a Holland, OH plumber now famous for his conversation with Barack Obama on his plans to purchase the business that employs him, which does just over $250k in business. Joe became the representative of all middle-class small-business owners in the third 2008 Presidential debate. Likely related to Joe Six-Pack.
Hockey Mom: We're gonna take care of all the Joe Six-Packs, you betcha.
Grumpy McSame: You mean Joe the Plumber?
Hockey Mom: Yeah - that's him.
Obama: My middle class friend, Joe Wurzelbacher?
Grumpy McSame: Yep, that one - that's what I said... Wurtzlburgher!
Biden: Erratic!
Grumpy McSame: Congratulations, Joe! You're rich!
by zurielseven October 16, 2008
During the 2008 election campaign, Joe the plumber came to symbolize small business owners that would be hit with increases in marginal tax rates under Obama's tax plan.
(actual quote)
Joe the plumber asked, "I'm getting ready to buy a (plumbing) company that makes about $250, $280 thousand a year. Your new tax plan is going to tax me more isn't it?"
Obama responded, "... when you spread the wealth around, it's good for everybody."
by mgunn October 16, 2008
a term that was used in the 2008 final presidential debate to describe somebody that works hard and is worried about the economy of our coutry.
We all need to follow the example of Joe the Plumber to make America a better country economically
by da gloria October 16, 2008