euphemism for an idiot, or someone who speaks without any knowledge of what they claim to be a professional of. Unlicensed, unqualified and uninformed. A dufus.
My neighbor is Joe The Plumber, he's been talking about buying a business worth a quarter of a million when he barely has two quarters to rub together. He's not even a licensed plumber.
by Stalin for time October 19, 2008
Disgusting political shitmonger who is obviously a plant.
Yo that Joe the Plumber wasn't a plumber, independent voter or making anywhere near 250,000$ a year like he said he was.

That Joe the Plumber should go kill himself.
by malaknethed November 12, 2008
Someone who misrepresents himself.
A: He says he is a plumber.

B: Yeah, right ! "Joe the Plumber" !
by a.h. guillaume October 20, 2008
The final desperate ploy in a long string of desperate ploys. An ineffectual effort preceding a colossal, epic fail.
Napoleon's Joe The Plumber could not surmount the rising tide of social and political forces that laid the groundwork for his exodus from power.
by heydemo October 17, 2008
A person that either:

1) protends of being every day lower to middle class yet makes a butt load of cash ($250k+).

2) is unclear on the concept of taxable income versus business revenues (one is taxable, the other is not the value to which your taxes are based). Joe Plumber fails to realize if he collects $250k for his services, he is only taxed on the profits which are assuredly far less that $250k.
Example 1:
Joe the Plumber: Hey man, these taxes stink. I made $260k last year and because of Obama, I had to pay slightly higher taxes on the $10k above the first $250k.

Joe Six Pack: Yeah, that's rough. At my house we are having squirrel stew since we can't afford food.

Example 2:
Joe the Plumber: Damn, I made $260k last year and now I gotta pay more taxes.

Joe Bag-o-donuts: You made $260k? How come you don't have a house, sweet ride, or hot wife?

Joe the Plumber: Oh well, that's just what I collected. I only brought home like $40k.

Joe Bag-o-donuts: You suck at math.
by nuttzy999 October 16, 2008
1. Blanket description of a group of people, similar to Average Joe or Joe Sixpack. Joe the Plumber represents hard-working citizens who perform a task vital to the community.

2. Nickname for Joe Wurzelbacher during the 2008 US presidential election, who got his 15 minutes of fame by confronting Barack Obama with a hypothetical scenario of buying the plumbing business he worked for that would allegedly put him in the top tax bracket. The actual income of the business he was babbling about didn't reach above a quarter of the taxable income needed before the threshold.
1. The fundamentals of the economy are strong. I know for a fact that Joe the Plumber can bench over 350 lbs.

2. Aight, so I called up my dawg named Joe Wurzelburger.. Wurzelb... Joe the Plumber, and his imaginal business would be taxed higher in that one's tax plan!
by Apocryphite October 18, 2008
When a man "laying the pipe from behind" in the bathroom. the man intentionally thrusts into the girl extra hard causing her to hit her head on the sink.
Grant was hooking up with Shanda, when he got too rough and gave her a "Joe the Plumber", now her ears wont stop ringing.
by Heatha C. November 27, 2009
Brother of Mike the Mechanic, son of Jane the Prostitute, father of Jonny, the chronic falling-down-well child, husband of Wonderwoman.

Friend to all?
1) In your entry, link to other words with square brackets.

2) Joe the Plumber is everyone's fair weather friend.
by sux0r October 19, 2008

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