Where cars go to die. You can take them to a Joe who will run them til they die.
I think my car is heading down Joe Lane soon.

You might want to take your car to Joe, it looks kind of run down.
by JujyBerry November 09, 2011
Slang term given to military personnel when the name is not known or when talking about military personnel as a stereotype.
Hey go ask that "Joe" for a cigarette before the Platoon Sergeant gets back.

"Joe" is always ready to index the mission and hit the bars instead.
by 153 Cav February 15, 2007
Basically a giant slut with an extremely small penis. A giant wank.
Wow what a joe.
by Joe'sASlut January 24, 2015
Joe shortened for Joseph.

#1 definition of Joe: An ordinary man. There's not much to a man like Joe at all. He typically spends his time religiously devoted to the bible. Joe is a huge history bluff. Extremely gifted with the women kind, though he will likely deny it, if you ask him. Although he has done some regretable stuff himself, Joe is honest. Joe tries very hard and often fall under pressure easily, though he won't show it.

#2 definition of Joe: coffee. Joe has extremely amazing women friends, and they would go out for coffee. He often wonders if anyone truly cares about him. Befriend a Joe. You'll never regret it.
Mary: "Joe loves kaleidoscopes also! She said, he is very visual."

Here's... Joe's favorite bible verse translated:

"... she called his name Moses (משה): and she said, Because I drew him (משיתהו) out of the water." (KJV).

Mary: "Joe is tight!"
by Left.here.with.purpose January 07, 2014
A genius retoucher who dun fucked it
Arghhhhh yeah he's a Joe
by retoucher September 08, 2011
A Joe is when a person is playing the popular Football game "FIFA" on either the PS3 or Xbox 360, where you pass the ball directly to your defender from a Goal Kick and lose the ball to the opponent and they score a goal. Normally, the person who conceded the goal also continues to moan on about how it's unfair and you must give them a goal back, despite the fact that it was their fault.
Oh my God, you just did a Joe...
by Dheano August 15, 2010
A gay homophobic prostitute who lick 10 jizz puddles a day.
Joe: lick my nuts
Me: no
Joe: too late
by MeMeTheMutant November 09, 2015
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