A fat middle aged man who sits on his couch all day and watches sports. He tends to act like a little princess when he doesnt get his way. He also bitches about things that arent done when his fatass doesnt evev bother to do a single thing to help whatsoever. Also typically has a semi hot wife who supports the family off her paycheck
My dad was being a joe yesterday because the lakers lost the championship
by satanicjesus August 06, 2015
The blackest jew on da block
this nigga joe try be fuckin a bad bitch name cinnamon
by Nig Kebab March 12, 2015
Hateful person, often very annoying.
Short, and ugly, similar to a chipmunk.
Small penis
1: You suck!
2. Don't be a Joe
by Miao1234 November 25, 2014
The everyday, average, annoying fuck in life.
Guy A: Man I fucking hate Joe. He's such a... A um...
Guy B: A Joe?
Guy A: Ya!
by Lying_Cake June 30, 2014
A stupid fuck
Don't be such a Joe on the Distant Planet map in Super Smash Bros
by joehater December 25, 2013
MAY mess around with girl's heads. He tells 3 lasses he likes them and then denies it and slags each one of the lasses off to the other. JOE MAY think he has all the lasses, but he really doesn't. He does a lot of moshing and he has long black hair in the style of a side fringe.
Oh my god! That dude is a player, he must be called Joe.
by Eleanor__Bieber February 08, 2012
a twat from salisbury
he's such an asshole, he called joe the the man "ho"
by badman1222 January 09, 2012
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