"joe" is the codename one uses when talking about pot in front of your parents, teachers, etc...
**Your cell rings in front of your mom, you answer.

YOU: "Hello?"
FRIEND: "Whatchu finna do tonight, fool?"
YOU: "I don't know, I heard Joe rented (insert movie/game here) so I'm thinking about hanging out with Joe."
FRIEND: "Oh fuck yea! I've been wishing for a blunt all day! Let's get fucking high!!
YOU: "Yea, I'm sure Joe won't mind if you come over. I'll just meet you at yr pad and we'll go from there"
FRIEND: "word."

***Mom doesn't suspect a thing.
by bns.life June 07, 2011
A stupid fuck
Don't be such a Joe on the Distant Planet map in Super Smash Bros
by joehater December 25, 2013
MAY mess around with girl's heads. He tells 3 lasses he likes them and then denies it and slags each one of the lasses off to the other. JOE MAY think he has all the lasses, but he really doesn't. He does a lot of moshing and he has long black hair in the style of a side fringe.
Oh my god! That dude is a player, he must be called Joe.
by Eleanor__Bieber February 08, 2012
Where cars go to die. You can take them to a Joe who will run them til they die.
I think my car is heading down Joe Lane soon.

You might want to take your car to Joe, it looks kind of run down.
by JujyBerry November 09, 2011
A genius retoucher who dun fucked it
Arghhhhh yeah he's a Joe
by retoucher September 08, 2011
That, who is one of the human species. Usually male, but at times may be in gay form, a "Joe" has curly jew-fro like hair but changes it to straight in so called gay forms. There are many variations to the "Joe Look". One may find one with just a simple plain white T, jeans, a guitar w/ strap, and sandals (Aka the Jack Johnson). One unmistakable, physical feature that will always be found on a Joe is a pair of hipster glasses, this adds the finishing touches onto his carefree, laid-back, whatever personality. Behind all this, a Joe tries to hide a very sensitive alternate ego, because it contradicts with who he wants to be, so he tries to act like a badass. Be aware that a Joe smokes a heavy amount of pot, and then reacts in the form of talking in freestyles while imitating the band Incubus.
Person 1: Hey man, did you see Joe over there?
Person 2: Haha, yeah man, he was totally cheeched.
Person 3: Hey guys, where is he? I didn't see him!

Person 1: Sorry man, you missed the Joe...
by Dr. Rango June 30, 2011
A gay homophobic prostitute who lick 10 jizz puddles a day.
Joe: lick my nuts
Me: no
Joe: too late
by MeMeTheMutant November 09, 2015

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