A fearless mother fucker, so fearless he doesn't understand pain.
That man is a Joe.
by 124gratman April 03, 2015
A Chicago based term as calling someone you dont know, or just dont feel like saying their name.
" " Whats good Joe " what you be about nigga? "

" Almighty BPSN 'All is well' "

" Whats poppin five FOLKS killa "
by Ambrosios August 20, 2012
a pile of dicks
Joe means a pile of dicks in the English dictionary.;^)
by joesgirlfriend December 07, 2011
Someone with a VERY small penis the size of a freckle and someone who will never have sex
"How was the sex"
"Eh that guys a joe"
by Devon6666666666 May 02, 2016
A Joe has a kind heart is loving and gives you the warmest hugs ever he cares about everyone else more than himself and everyone loves him so if you are going out with a Joe then you are in luck like me I love my boyfriend Joe
About the name Joe and about them
by Made by me 😍 March 02, 2016
The security guard in every stealth game whom by murdering triggers every security guard to converge to your location.
Guard A: "Hey man, it's Joe's birthday!"
Guard B: "Really?"
Guard A: "Let's surprise him! All units converge to Joe's position."

All Units: "Hey Joe!"
*They discover you holding Joe's dead body with a knife stuck to the back of his neck*
All Units: ">:("

Mission Failed. No Optic Camo for you.
by Xekiel March 03, 2010
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