a twat from salisbury
he's such an asshole, he called joe the the man "ho"
by badman1222 January 09, 2012
a pile of dicks
Joe means a pile of dicks in the English dictionary.;^)
by joesgirlfriend December 07, 2011
Where cars go to die. You can take them to a Joe who will run them til they die.
I think my car is heading down Joe Lane soon.

You might want to take your car to Joe, it looks kind of run down.
by JujyBerry November 09, 2011
A genius retoucher who dun fucked it
Arghhhhh yeah he's a Joe
by retoucher September 08, 2011
The everyday, average, annoying fuck in life.
Guy A: Man I fucking hate Joe. He's such a... A um...
Guy B: A Joe?
Guy A: Ya!
by Lying_Cake June 30, 2014
One who fingers goats
"oi lad i saw this lad in the himalayan mountains once fingering this goat and his made was behind him with a pulled hamstring" "mate thats a joe"
by cunt69 May 31, 2014
Meaning "he who rocks a comb over" A snuggle bunny of a man, who secretly enjoys cuddling. He also likes to be the little spoon... But he has pretty teeth so it's okay...
Joe will snuggle the shit out of you...
by Sleepinbeauty January 16, 2014

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