The man who steals a soldier's woman while he is overseas. The man who is with another man's woman while he is in prison, at work, etc....
Look at him running home so fast, he must be worried about Jodie .
Don't worry man, Jodie's taking good care of her.
by Ten Seven May 11, 2006
A female who SHOULD be finishing an essay but is instead on Urban Dictionary, at three in the morning, searching her own name. In many countries this word has evolved to a colloquial term meaning 'FOOL.'
Girl One: You fell asleep in lesson and you haven't done your essay! You are such a Jodie!

Girl Two: However, thanks to Urban Dictionary, I do now know what 'Brap' means!
by Casper14 January 22, 2012
A great cook who is a true woman of God. Jodies can be quiet and hard to get to know at first, but are really loyal friends. They often impress people with their thriftiness.
She saved over $200 on her grocery bill. She is such a Jodie!
by tripmom February 04, 2010
someone who is really annoying, and is immature and doesnt know what a handjob is.
hey Jodie!, whats a handjob?
i dunno im only a jodie!
by yellowelephants October 28, 2009
A huge dork who uses the fact that she has no phone to gain sympathy from others. She also prides herself on her ability to "cook" cereal.
Wow, ever since she lost her phone she has been acting like SUCH a Jodie!
by Hechtic July 15, 2009
Abbreviation for: joy to the world for leane meat
When you think you're cool, but you're clearly not.
Often found reproducing with family members
"I am sooo cool,"
"mate you're just doing a jodie"

"ergh mate thats wrong, you're doing a jodie,"
by WellINever June 26, 2009
frequented by simon and matt
guaranteed source of aids
all round rough bitch
striking resemblance to the channel tunnel
simon slept with jodie last night 9 times hes dead now
by jon lester May 27, 2009

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