People that take somethin of yours and uses as own
Josh Bowman, and many other people that i know like jockin my style of saying things and thats what i hate
by Dolla Pearson May 26, 2007
A hip-hop dance move made popular by the rapper Yung Joc in which one acts like he/she is reving up a motorcycle to the left and right. Hopefully simultaneous with the music!

Its Goin' Down Lyrics: "Now she jockin', yeah its goin' down, slap the waitress on the booty, tell her get another round..."
by C Jam November 23, 2006
Dance made up by new rapper Yung Jock
Jockin is only tight with the song "Its goin Down"

------Why They never put my words on this fuckin site. Cause Im black. Half the words here white ppl stole from black ppl anyway so we own this site
by Rico from the 301 July 15, 2006
(Word I Made Up A While Back) This Word Is Used In Chicago And Was Brought to PlainField ILL. It Means To Hold Nuts Or Hang Around Someone Or Talk About Someone Alittle To Much; Obsess with someone. See Release

--Michael N. Hernandez
Willy:Hey Nick Guess What?
Willy:MR. Drake Is The Best Teacher Ever He Is Like So Cool I Mean How Cool Is He,He Gave Me A D- On My Report Card He Is Like So........
Nick:Um Yea About That Um........
Willy:Anyway HES FUCKIN AWESOME........!
Nick:Hey Will.....
Nick:Stop Jockin' His Nuts!
by GingaBredMan January 21, 2006
Jacking someone off
R u Jockin me
by Jockin June 06, 2015
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