when someone completely humiliates you, or disses you.

Also if someone destroys you in a freestyle or rap battle.
dude, Mikey totally jocked on you today when he called you not hood.

That rapper Mad Mikey jocked on you during that freestyle battle.
by Mad Mikey 123 October 24, 2007
Verb. To get completely pissed wasted; constantly wanting to get even more drunk and others around you just as drunk. Often involves excessive amounts of yelling, curse words, and getting kicked out of various establishments.
Guy: "So, what are you doing this summer?"

Girl: "Well I'm going on a month long Contiki tour through Europe."

Guy: "Holy shit. I've been on one of those. You are gonna get jocked every day."
by ContikiContrasts September 06, 2011
when you get messed up or fucked up in a situation.
ayy yo man that nigger just jocked yo shit up
by me and u May 22, 2008
Someone REALLY good looking. Someone that has a REALLY nice feature/s. E.G. Massive tits. Someone that is bangable
Fred: (Pointing at a girl) Would you?
Jack: Hell yeah! She is JOCKED!
by PeteInABox December 10, 2009
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