someone who is hated because he gets 10 times as many chicks as most of you fags, picks on whiny bitches who are too weak and dont have enough fucking pride to stand up for themselves, and is envied because he is good at sports. stop being jealous, douchebags
nerd:i'm such a fucking pussy i talk shit on the internet and cant even stand up for myself, i wish i wasnt such a fucking douchebag like that jock
by e.j. slater May 12, 2007
A Hard-working athelete in High School who typically ends up getting all the hot chicks. Often hated and envied by fat losers in marching band who are usually (But not always) extremely ugly and fat from lack of self-hygene and excercise. These losers have no pride, and cannot stand up for themselves. However, they do tend to think they are "Smarter" than the Jocks. This is not always true.

To nerds, Football players may seem like arrogant bastards who are complete dumbasses, and just run around pushing each other around. The reality is much, much, different.

Football players have to memorize hundreds of complex "plays", and have to guess exactly what the opposing team will do next. In addition, they have to all work together as a team. Add a shitload of physical work, pain, and injuries to that, and you've got one hard worker who deseves the respect he gets from peers.

The fat Nerd, on the other hand, wastes his life playing Video Games and wishing he was as successful as the Jock. He will often get pissed and type shit about them on Urban Dictionary, stating that they are dumbasses who won't go to college because they waste too much time on their "Dumbass Sport". The nerd, with his low social skills, will then try to get into Harvard, Yale, or some other college, and then typically drop out because of pressure and loneliness.

The Jock, on the other hand, having worked hard all through high school, both physically and mentally, will be able to benefit from this, and get
accepted into a nice college where he can continue to have a decent life.

And another thing, not all Jocks are complete dumbasses. Remember the physical and mental work in Football I mentioned? Yeah, and not all of them get bad grades either. I know this popular kid in my school who has a hot girlfriend and gets As in Geometry. Take that, nerds.

Now, I'm not saying all Nerds are fat losers, and all athletes are popular, but this is how it typically goes. Fat Nerds, stop stereotyping athletes and get a life. The Jocks have to go through shit all day, and have their flaws too. Don't think they're lives are perfect and easy, because they are not.

This definition will get many thumbs-down by the aforementioned fat losers who stereotyped athletes. Just goes to show how stupid they are.
Fat 30-something year old Slob sitting on a Couch in a Crappy Apartment: Agh, football, I've always hated it! Those football-playing idiots in school are probably all working at McDonalds! Ha!

*Phone Rings, Fat Slob picks it up*

Past Jock: Oh hey there Marty, I just wanted to know how things are going, I've always wondered what happened to you after high school. I just came across your name in the phonebook and decided to give you a call, to see how things are going.

Fat Slob: OMG Shut Up, I'm doing great! I bet you're working at McDonald's, Ha!

Past Jock: Well, no, actually, I've gotten accepted into Yale for good grades in school, and I graduated with an advanced degree in Chemical Physics. I'm living the life right now in a decent home, with a nice wife. How about you?

Fat Slob: Uhhhh...
by Stereotypes are Bullshit January 16, 2009
Person dedicated to and f*ck cheerleaders or any girl they want
that jock is awesome...i ll totaly f#$k him
by Mario November 12, 2003
people that are sweet at life and have GINORMIOUS cocks
person 1- "You see that kid walking towards us?"
person 2- " Yea he a BIGTIME jock"
person 1- " Yeah I bet he is sweet at life and has a GINOMIOUS wang"
by StewPidazzil August 05, 2006
The term jock is commonly used by self confessed anti-socialists.
Skaters frequently use this term, as they are jealous of the more popular, better sports people. Although these people tend to think too highly of themeselves, they tend to succeed in gaining a number of the opposite sex as dedicated followers, of which outsiders are jealous of.
by Duncan February 26, 2005
usually stronger tougher more popular people
usually hated on by the jealous
but everyone thinks their airheaded but really theres alot of smart ones for example my schools varsity theres 2 kids that are juniors that are in college level courses and have scholarships to schools like columbia and yale
and u cant get athlectic scholarships to ivy league schools
and my school also went to the houston championship and was 1 round away from state champs but back to the subject they are highly competitive and its a whole lot better actually doin something with your life besdies sitting at home watching tv ,skateboarding, or plotting on how you will hate on the preps just because your jealous of their looks even though u dont wanna admit it
goth: omg jocks are soo gay all they do is workout and play football
jock: stfu its better than hating on people like me all day long
by cam1ll1tarYmayynne April 07, 2006
West Indian slang for masturbate; can also be heard more commonly with "jockin"
"Ey boy,my mudda catch me jockin my totee last night"
by Trini Rocker August 19, 2016
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