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people that are sweet at life and have GINORMIOUS cocks
person 1- "You see that kid walking towards us?"
person 2- " Yea he a BIGTIME jock"
person 1- " Yeah I bet he is sweet at life and has a GINOMIOUS wang"
by StewPidazzil August 05, 2006
25 101
The term jock is commonly used by self confessed anti-socialists.
Skaters frequently use this term, as they are jealous of the more popular, better sports people. Although these people tend to think too highly of themeselves, they tend to succeed in gaining a number of the opposite sex as dedicated followers, of which outsiders are jealous of.
by Duncan February 26, 2005
37 133
usually stronger tougher more popular people
usually hated on by the jealous
but everyone thinks their airheaded but really theres alot of smart ones for example my schools varsity theres 2 kids that are juniors that are in college level courses and have scholarships to schools like columbia and yale
and u cant get athlectic scholarships to ivy league schools
and my school also went to the houston championship and was 1 round away from state champs but back to the subject they are highly competitive and its a whole lot better actually doin something with your life besdies sitting at home watching tv ,skateboarding, or plotting on how you will hate on the preps just because your jealous of their looks even though u dont wanna admit it
goth: omg jocks are soo gay all they do is workout and play football
jock: stfu its better than hating on people like me all day long
by cam1ll1tarYmayynne April 07, 2006
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