A cock who got caught with his dingy in a sock because his parents didn't knock and the door wasn't blocked.
Carl, you're such a jock. Now go to the bathroom and throw that sock away and clean yourself off right this minute!
by Jesus Christ April 16, 2003
Abbreviation of "Nob Jockey", meant as an insult, calling someone homosexual.
Look at the Jock over there!
by Blackers April 07, 2004
To smack (at an alarming speed) a mushroom tattoo across the face on the cheek or forehead
I will not hesitate to Jock a bitch...
by Big Bad Bub June 03, 2006
a person who try 2 be like u
my stop jock me punk+
by neiman aka swifty April 09, 2003
Dick ridin; and or being a hater
yo man, why u alawys on my jock.
by Young1 October 08, 2004
One who plays sports very well.
"Contrary to most beliefs they are sometimes good in school and do not get all the women."
O-linmen are jocks with good grades.
by Nate February 27, 2004
someone who is hated because he gets 10 times as many chicks as most of you fags, picks on whiny bitches who are too weak and dont have enough fucking pride to stand up for themselves, and is envied because he is good at sports. stop being jealous, douchebags
nerd:i'm such a fucking pussy i talk shit on the internet and cant even stand up for myself, i wish i wasnt such a fucking douchebag like that jock
by e.j. slater May 12, 2007
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