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To masturbate, beat your meat, choke the chicken
boy 1: man my mom caught me jockin to porn last night.
boy 2: damn homie! what you did? (lol)
by Bioptic_Sniper May 31, 2009
1 7
A sporty Guy Who push's nerds while whipping his friends with a jock strap.
Hey I loved that Jock Strap Whip last night Joe and Mark
by ThatSoFunny November 09, 2007
4 10
somebody who always copying somebody else
yo she a jock all she do iz copy wut i do n wut i wear
by fli_mama October 10, 2008
0 7
Mostly used in the bay area. Means that you feelin them or you think they hella cute
*i cant help it that you jockin
*I'm jockin ya style
by DAT BAY AREA May 26, 2006
8 15
(verb) to emulate, to bite.
Don't jock my style: go get your own.
by scottiny June 20, 2005
11 18
1 the strap that football players wear to protect their family jewels
2 sports player
3 what bitches get up on
bitch be hangin' on my jock
by the man December 19, 1999
14 21
a ladies man that fears nothing. tall and fearfull. i do not want to show my girl this guy.
jocks are not to be reckoned with! especially by fat and fluffy people.
by malice kayz June 02, 2010
2 10