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They are very cool, very popular, physically fit males whose goal in life is to strive to be the best at their chosen sports. They work twice as hard as normal people, because they have to maintain good grades while excelling in athletics. Hated by lesser beings in school because of their popularity, physical attributes, good looks, charm, and their ability to get and use the women nerds would kill for. Will more than likely become politicians, successful contractors, or firemen.
Successful jocks: Dick Cheney, Terry Bradshaw, Howie Long, the man who tells your dad what to do at work, etc.
by urban enforcer July 17, 2009
When all the girls wanna get wit you;
when your trying to pick up girls
those girls are all up on my jock;
All the girls are hoppin on my jock;
I be jockin on these girls
by B-doggy dawg April 26, 2009
to aspire to bond with. One jocks persons one has a crush on. Roughly synonymous with "like," but unlike "like" it implies action. When one jocks someone they not only like them but aspire to do something about it (though it does not imply an actual plan, but the general asperation in an imperfect sense).
"Kristy jocks her boyfriend Kris insane amounts"

"I am totally jocking that girl in my CRD class, even though she has a boyfriend."
by Kristy December 10, 2003
Something used to hold up your Nuts. If it is used in reference to a person it means a gay faggot who gets all the chicks but secretly wants guys.
Think of any school athelete who gets all the chicks.
by Turtle May 31, 2003
To be heavily influenced by something, to give it props.
Man I jock Jay and silent Bob they are the shiznit
by Anonymous May 07, 2003
see also jocking. New progression of the traditional american stereotype 'jock'. Someone who dedicates time to the pursuit of increasing fitness, strength and/or sporting prowess. Not neccesarily dumb or after popularity/women, but dedicated to achieving goals often through more extreme or exhilarating methods, such as frozen river swimming, parkour, cross country jogging etc.
I feel like a right jock after that run.
Gosh, he swam through that mear in the snow! What a jock!
by Richard Le Vay April 13, 2006
being irritated with some-one; a guys crotch
Hey man!Get away from me, just get off my jock will ya!
by lizyrrd May 15, 2003