An arrogant little pussy brat who fucking cries at everything. He always seams concerned about what everyone does, but is really an attention whore. He loves to play sports, but really sucks at it, Jocks are retarded and pretend to like everyone, even though they hate everyone, but everyone hates them too. Jocks are always fat asses, they're parents treat them like the shit, and they think they are. They can't get girl, and people who argue with them always win, that leads to the Jock hating the arguer and bitching about him behind his back, and the arguer knows. Jocks are the lowest form of life, they are not even human.
That Jock is bitching about him AGAIN!
by jockh8r April 01, 2010
Adjective used to describe picking up girls. Mainly used by douche bags. One does not have to be a "jock" to "jock" women. Just a douche.
I'm gonna jock every piece of pussy that walks through the door.
by Rufus McDingle May 15, 2009
Your dick, but refered to as when a girl clings to you and you cant get her to stop bothering you.
Get off my jock bitch!
by Fauxwilli June 17, 2008
when a someone is trying hard to get with someone else because they are attracted to them or has a sexual agenda for that person and pursues with extreme effort.
That guy is on my jock.
That girl is really on my your jock.
by Trinity Scarf April 02, 2008
Idiom, Irish origin~

esp. a scornful term used to convey a particular expression of disgust at the exceptional state of disrepair/bad condition of the item under discussion.
"That yoke's in a fucking jock" Hench exclaims as we pull up to view a 1989 zxr400 motorcycle which was described as 'in good condition' on ebay after driving 65miles. And promptly leave.
Please stop with these mean definitions of jocks and other high school hierarchical statuses. Here is a (hopefully) unbiased view point:
Rather sporty people. Similar to athletes. Jocks insult nerds. Nerds insults jocks. Are accused of not being a big contributor to society, by nerds. Make fun of nerds for not being as physically able.
Jocks and athletes helped during evolution. Without them we wouldn't have been able to hunt effectively, obtain proteins from meat, and increase brain size. (yes, proteins did that).

Without nerds, the human population won't be as advanced as it is today, but without jocks, the human population might not be around.

The reason why our human population is able to survive, and constantly develop and advance, is the balance of nerds and jocks.
by rambling fool January 30, 2010
an athlete(see also (superjock and jock strap)
Judging by his outfit,I think he may have been a jock.
by Light Joker January 14, 2005
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