A short way to referring to a jockey strap. Something all boys had to wear in Jr. and Sr. high school during physical education class. It basically just held your “nuts” up against your body.
We always had to wear our jocks in physical education class. Nobody really understands why they are needed...
by Panchoman December 05, 2006
An attractive high-school boy whose an asshole, participates in athletics and usually gets all the chicks.
"Why is it only the jocks get the cheerleaders?"

"F*** the jocks!"
by star8706 February 02, 2003

1. a radio program host

2. an athlete(while it is ultimately from an old slang term for the penis, it may have been influenced the term for the high-schoold stereotype)

3. a support garnment for male athletes
That jock is trying to start a fight with everyone.
by The Return Of Light Joker October 08, 2007
jocks are funny because they will mock a geek or anybody who doesn't participate in P.E., but then get their ass kicked first by the geek's verbal reaction which will usually insult their sexuality or imply their lack of a brain, and then secondly get their ass kicked by the hardcore metalist geeks.
a jock wears weird brand clothes even if they don't have anything to do with it... i skateboard and i don't wear element and adio clothes everywhere i go, jocks are poseurs that can't do anything worthwhile like going to LAN parties, and instead they play football and pat eachother on the ass whilst claiming they aren't homosexual.
i laugh my ass off when i footballers call me homosexual.... i'm not the one who plays a sport that includes physical contact with the same sex.

jock is also slang for underwear ^_^!
by windowmaker October 04, 2005
A Scottish person (A person who comes from Scotland, UK)
Somebody who comes from Scotland, UK
by Bob September 12, 2004
Australian Jock: Plays AFL football and when not playing football can be seen walking in packs of about 10 handballing a sherrin to each other. Jocks can be identified by thier appearence alone. This can consist of a mop-top littered with bleach-blonde streaks. Stupid bright coloured polo shirts with the collars popped up. Billabong, RipCurl, Mossimo ABnFitch etc. Those faded jeans that have rips and crap sewn all over them when u buy them. Drives around in little rice burner girls car. Hangs around McDonalds talking about how Essendon flogged Carlton in a huge obnixious voice.
Jock: "Aww man did you see Carlton get their arse handed to them against Essendon last night. Man i was like "YEAHHHH EXTREME" u know"
Me: "Like i give a fuck you jock cunt"
by Your name here! dude!!!! August 14, 2006
noun: Someone who takes the ideas of others; a poser.

verb: Taking someone's ideas; posing.

(and the athlete, obviously)
1) Mary is such a jock, i had those shoes last week.

2) Mary jocked those shoes.
by JaeHxC May 12, 2008

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