A jock is someone who's athletic and is "popular". Jocks usually despise nerds and nerds usually despise jocks.
God those jocks are so stupid.
by a thing October 11, 2004
jocks are the reason why colombine was shot up
jocks make people want to shoot things
by hell born March 31, 2006
A gay faggot who likes to take steamy hot showers with other men.
Jock1: Oh your bush is coming in nice!
Jock2: Wunna Touch?
by 15 Inch Dick January 21, 2005
When someone tries really hard to be like someone else that they admire or when someone will sweat another because they want to get with them.
Quit jocking me!
I wish they would get off my jock!
by L.M.C. February 21, 2006
Someone who is both hated and envied by his highschool peers. General term used to refer to a highschool athlete who is not a very kind person, and who usually doesn't take his sport seriously.
"Man, that jerk is just a stupid jock. But he sure does have a hot girlfriend."
by RyanM January 03, 2004
people who think they are more important than the world itself...because they play sports.
what about doctors, nurses, humanitarian workers, making the world a better place and the real heroes of todays society! should they think they are better than anyone else?
well theyre better than jocks for sure!
there are certainly those who are good for nothing except for their sports, drinking/other drugs, raping people of both sexes and committing other crimes, and getting a pat on the back or cock up the arse by their jock mates!
many who play their sports are bogans or other words you can use to describe people who do nothing for society except filling up jail.
and they do spend their time on urban dictionary and doing other "nerdy" things, despite what they say.
and you also dont even have to look at them to get a response like "what are you lookin at faggot?" or along those lines!
of course, then you get those who pick on others and stop if they meet their match, or even someone who is more than that!
now this doesnt mean that all of them are like this, but if some turned on each other and ending up killing themselves the world would be a much better place!
of course the sports clubs must share some of the blame though!
random 1: "hey did you see brent didn't say a word to us today?"
random 2: "yeah jason must have did something to him or said something to shut him the fuck up"
random 1: "yeah typical cock nob jockey serves him fuckin right if it did hey?"
by youdon'tknowme! November 15, 2010
JOCK (verb)
"to jock"

Prolonged hitting on another person; to constantly and obviously pursue this person, and let em know that you're into them and want them
Sandra says that she and Harry are just friends, but really she's jocking him.

Youre obviously into that girl cuz youve been jocking her since we got here!

That guy is so hot, there are like 5 girls on his jock right now.

She makes an effort to run into him every day and has flirty convos with him online, she is so jocking him.
by Deezy July 16, 2005
A highly social person often having every cheerleader in existence in bed with him usually at the same time. Natural enemy of the nerd
See dipshit
by Amber Almighty June 04, 2004
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