A jock is someone who's athletic and is "popular". Jocks usually despise nerds and nerds usually despise jocks.
God those jocks are so stupid.
by a thing October 11, 2004
Aside from the above definitions, a jock is also another way to refer to a DJ or presenter on the radio.
Howard Stern is the greatest jock ever.
by DirkD January 20, 2007
Thhey have no life, they think they are tuff cuz they play football
John - omg he doesnt like me im gonna beat him up
by Fagot November 09, 2004
some guy that participates in a lame ass sport like football and usually gets all the ladies...
I hate those damn jocks every one of them gotz 3 ladies
by asdf November 18, 2002
Dumbasses that call themselves "athlets". They are usually complete assholes that think the universe revolves around them.Many of the pick on the nerd, but jocks are actually a bunch of cowardly fags. They are very spoiled and usually play football or basketball.Usually, they all hangout(gay)in the lockers and brag about themselves.They date cheerleaderes to make them look strait. They have an average IQ of 25.They also think wearing white hats is "cool". The nerd usually ends up killing a jock or two,because all jocks deserve to get shot in the head or somthing simmilar to that.
" The humble nerd killed the arrogant jock."
by Nino E. December 23, 2006
An idiot who usually plays football and thinks he is the shit so he goes and bullies the less fortunate. Jocks are hated by Punks, Musicians, Geeks, and other misfits. They are somehow "popular" and get around school being favored by teachers and are loved by preps. Most jocks say they hate preps, when jocks are preps. Most of the time, they love hip-hop or other mainstream music. Then you'll also have the posers who like bands like AC/DC and Black Sabbath.
Look at that jock beating up that punk for listening to The Sex Pistols.
by titleandregistration October 07, 2006
A now rather outmoded term the English used to use for Scottish people, or at least I hope its outmoded as they would have a nerve to use it nowadays considering what now resides in our country!
Jocks from Jockland.
by Thats Racist Too! February 05, 2005
A short way to referring to a jockey strap. Something all boys had to wear in Jr. and Sr. high school during physical education class. It basically just held your “nuts” up against your body.
We always had to wear our jocks in physical education class. Nobody really understands why they are needed...
by Panchoman December 05, 2006
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