An incredibly beautiful girl. She doesn't know how beautiful she is, but she can make you feel incredible. She's best friend material and you will love her until you die.
Rayne: That's my best friend Jocelyne.
by Raynee November 03, 2012
Top Definition
The girl way to write Jocelyne not Jocelyn. Jocelyn is the male form of the name. She's random and likes to laugh. She likes to dance and party.
Omg Jocelyne is so weird,but in a good way!
by Chadyourfaceup November 01, 2010
A really sweet girl, generous, who knows exactly how to make you laugh. She's Shy and yet crazy . Inoncent at sight but Sex Goddes shell have you asking for more. Shes Weird in her own way Sweet and Sexy shes is someone you make your
wifey. MenClove her because she is the most amazing friend you can possibly have.You can call tell her your secrets and she'll carry it to her grave.

Shes a very Special girl.Thye're Understanding and unselfish.Very creative and courageous.

She loves to please her men mentally,spiritually and sexually. They tend to be really playful and dirty minded but aren't we all. She can kick it with the guys and get her nails done with the girls. Shes definitely best friend material gives the best advice and is always there when you need her she doesn't like lies and is always very blunt so don't sugar coat thing give it to her'll never regret meeting a Jocelyne
Guy 1; Bro I was with jocelyne last night

Guy 2; Really!? Did you f***k?

Guy 1; yeah bro "best I ever had".
by fuckeddatgirl February 15, 2014
A very judgmental person. And most likely a two face who will hate on everyone just to have what they want.
Jocelyne will do anything to separate them . the 2 real bestfriends
by jocyy November 10, 2014
The name people give their daughters who think they are to good to have the proper spelling which is Jocelyn minus the E
Jocelyne the scally wag that I work with!
by Georgous September 20, 2005

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