The funniest, most beautiful girl you will ever meet. Very giggly. She will always make you feel like the king of the world, and you always want to be around her. Although short, she makes up for it by her huge personality. She will help you out during the best and the worst of times, just because shes an incredible person like that :) If you're lucky enough to date a Jocelyn, make her feel loved if you don't and she leaves you, you'll regret just like I do. Be warned, she is very easy to fall in love with!! :)
Boy: Dude, Have you seen Jocelyn today?
Boy 2: Yes, she's looking more beautiful than usual.
by lher31 January 02, 2015
An incredibly sexy brunette born staright out of the vagina of Aphrodite. She likes to eat a lot of food but is skinny. You may thinks shes being mean but shes just being honest.Will kick ass of she has to.
Jocelyn is so god damn gorgeous she makes u think about your life.
by the actual real truth January 17, 2015
a weird and random spanish girl that likes to talk about cookies and anything that comes into her strange mind, she loves to give advice and is nice and likes to go to the mall looking for a dress and comes out wit a t-shirt or anime instead, u can also not feed her after midnight
She just pulled a Jocelyn
How did she get away with that Jocelyn
Jocelyns these days smfh
by metal7568 July 15, 2011
A SUPER hot and sexy girl. She is very weird at times, but she's also very sweet, wonderful, amazing, and looks like a model. She loves to eat food, and is pretty skinny. She really likes Pokemon. Her bestfriends name is Braden, and she will marry Eminem someday. ( :
"Do you see that girl?! She looks like a Jocelyn!"
"I would rape a Jocelyn in a heartbeat!"
by Sexyandiknowit. December 04, 2011
She is the worst person you will ever meet. She takes your friends then stabs them in the back. If you ever met her then run the opposite direction.
Jocelyn was the one who told your secret.
by sugarcupcake March 15, 2015
A stuck up bitch that suddenly turns lesbian after you penetrate that shit. She goes from sucking dicks to munching carpet. She ain't even that hot though. Se got decent tits but, no ass whatsoever.
Yo dat hoe over there be Jocelyn.
by Nig got swag March 03, 2015
A sexual act in which while the man is performing anal he takes his leg and lifts it over the females' back and steps on her face.
I so pulled a Jocelyn on this girl yesterday!
by Hella Soapy! September 25, 2011

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