a pretty, smart, fly girl that all the boys want. she likes the finer things in life, she's cool, real, and down to earth.
Jocelyn is so pretty like ..
by jcouture November 13, 2011
a weird and random spanish girl that likes to talk about anything that comes into her strange mind, she loves to give advice and is extremly nice.The cutest girl ever, exotic, incredible- words cannot describe her. No other girl can come close to being like her, she is unique, and that is what is loved about her. She has a tendency to be amazingly beautiful in any situation, at any given moment, no matter what. But most importantly of all, and probably the hardest to describe, is she so special .
she's such a jocelyn
i so just meat a jocelyn
im in love with a jocelyn
i pulled a jocelyn
shes become a jocelyn
by angel22 January 09, 2012
The feminine form of Jesus. Jocelyn is a badass, can kick ass, and does not smell like ass. Jocelyn is the coolest girl you'll ever meet. She can get any guy excited and is amazing at beer pong. Above all she is great at sex and is a passionate partner.
Dude how was last night?

She was great man, definitely a Jocelyn!!
by ryan243 September 13, 2011
The most beautiful girl you will ever meet she is without a doubt the light at the end of the tunnel once you meet her she will be all you can ever think about she will be the apple of your eye even if she isn't yours you will be willing to do anything just have the opportunity to hold her in your arms jealousy will overcome you the second you see her with someone else if you ever get the chance to make her yours don't waste you will undoubtedly regret it for the rest of your life because there may be thousands of girls but none will be as perfect ass her
-wow man I've never seen you like this
- its Jocelyn man she's just perfect
- well you better hurry before someone takes her
- you know it
by Lil teddy April 10, 2013
The best person in the whole world!!! She is a beautiful, tall girl with long curly brown hair. She's shy when you first get to know her, but after a while BAM!!! She's a wierd, fun and amazing girl!!!! She excels at volleyball and playing the piano. People will most likely say that she should be a model, but she's not sure what wants to do yet.
"Man,who is that Jocelyn?"
by Flabber1234567890 September 08, 2012
Shy. But very random. Usually a Latina who is loud when you get to know her. Not so sure about herself. Low self esteem issues. Affable. So easy to talk to. Loves to be around her friends but prefers to be alone. Laughs like an idiot. Not very pretty. Intelligent in her own way. Doesn't trust many people. She gives the best advice. Loves to eat food but is still skinny. Likes to make other people feel good about themselves. Arrogant. Doesn't like people who lie. Most trustworthy girl there is.
Wow, that girl Jocelyn gives the best advice!

Why is Jocelyn always so quiet?

I love a Jocelyn
by Melissa Torres April 01, 2013
Big boobs, big ass, this girl got it all. From the amazing looks to the incredible smarts. Shes beautiful inside and out. She has an incrediable body and an amazing taste for style. She's every guys dream. She can either make everyone jealous or be the best of friend. She's very popular and loved by many. Usually brunette or blonde. Although she loves to party, she's very loyal to the ones she love. This girl isn't scared of being herself or what others think. This girl is destined to show you a good time. She's not big on drama. If your lucky enough to meet jocelyn, make her your friend fast because she dosent kiss ass and if your even luckier enough to have a relationship with this girl, you better be willing to stay for a long time because she's the perfect one.
Damnn Jocelyn is hella fine!
by Anon722 June 17, 2013
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