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A girl from kapuskasing who enjoys gummy bears... She is the laziest person at work but thinks we don't know. she plays in baseball tournaments and tosses her own turd. She is friends with a guy named Jimmy Montoya. She is also an amazing crop duster and knows how to do the Enchilada Grande.
She just finished throwing her poop around.and now she is going to Jimmy's house while crop dusting on the sidewalk. She's such a Jocelyn!
by lupe69 July 03, 2011
The cutest girl ever, exotic, incredible- words cannot describe her. No other girl can come close to being like her, she is unique, and that is what is loved about her. She has a tendency to be amazingly beautiful in any situation, at any given moment, no matter what. But most importantly of all, and probably the hardest to describe, is she so special. Special to me. And thats what really matters.
"Wow Jocelyn, you are just so AMAZING!" said Ryan, as she has probably heard many times before.
by adultoferie February 26, 2007
The femanine name for Jesus
I'm your personal Jocelyn. Worship me.
by chiefhoohaha July 12, 2006
The most beautiful girl ever, special in every way.
"Wow Jocelyn, you are just so AMAZING!" said Ryan, as she has probably heard many times before.
by sanchez1 March 05, 2007
Noun (Jaw-seh-lynn)

shy, yet cool. very unpredictable at times. thinks he/she isn´t good, but is very tremendous. is there when one needs to talk. lovable and great.


Fuck, it can replace virtually any verb!
You are such a Jocelyn!

I feel like I need a Jocelyn right now.


I´m gonna Jocelyn my fist into your face!

I´m gonna Jocelyn you up.

I hope that you Jocelyn soon and leave me your money.

I Jocelyn you!!!
by El Diosito July 13, 2006
Jocelyn is just so swaggtastic.
by Pyro08 September 21, 2010
one of the most amazinh people in the whole entire world,gorgeous , cutie, funny, incredible, woot !
person 1 : ouuu, your such a jocelyn

person 2 : omg, really,? thats an honour !

random person : wow, yer hott yer a jocelyn !
by jo mac November 21, 2009
a pretty, smart, fly girl that all the boys want. she likes the finer things in life, she's cool, real, and down to earth.
Jocelyn is so pretty like ..
by jcouture November 13, 2011