A gift from god, satans hell hound!
1.Man, that girls a bitch.
2. Yeah, she's a total Jo-Anne.
by Thisisnotmyrealnamehahah April 05, 2011
The uncommon name of a girl who is normally a very interesting character with a obsession with falling for guys who act in homosexual ways that question their sexuality.
Cindy: "Joanne is falling for Zack"
Ryan: "O GOD, but he has the weirdest walk! I cannot take him seriously!"
Joanne: "WHATEVER like you actually have no idea how kool he is like you don't even understand!!!!!!1" :O
by goldfish420 July 27, 2011
A totally average girl, nothing special here, move on. No special body not special intellect. Really stop reading... Oh she also laughs about everything.
She's such a Joanne...
by dbsafjldbjasfl December 04, 2013

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