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the biggest asshole to ever play the game of baskeball (with the exception of Isiah Thomas). he is the most irritating player i have ever watched. all he ever does is complain about calls that he thinks were fouls. he has no comprehension of the game and is just annoying. he thinks he is the best, when he isn't even the best on his team. i pray the Bulls will lose, just so i don't have to watch him play.
Joakim Noah is the biggest pain in the ass to ever play basketball
by NoahHATER!!!!! August 03, 2011
The most annoying basketball player in the NBA. I would rather look at Whoopi Goldberg's vagina for an hour and 23 minutes while examinating it thoroughly before i would watch Joakim Noah cry about how many non calls he gets. Joakim sucks more than Chasey Lane. Joakims performance on a scale from one to ten ranks about a Rick Moranis...Joakim Noah IS the queef, after a porn star breaks the gang bang record.
Who is the one NBA player you wish did not exist? Joakim Noah! Duh... that dude is rumple fugly!
by Vagstatic Voyage. May 12, 2009
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