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Joah is a unisex name generally used for girls. Joahs are generally beautiful people with a witty sense of humour. They are enchanting people however they can be very rude at times. The name Joah means to long for.
many people long for Joah.
by mylo65 February 21, 2015
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10/10, a friendly, witty, and attractive guy.
Seth: Joah is like a 4/10.
Mary: Don't be a dick Seth; he's more than a 4/10.
by Miss. Quite Contrary August 27, 2013
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Jurisdiction Of Abnormal Hungarians; an up-rise of abnormal Hungarian action has swept the world, leading to suicides, homicidal tendencies, and spontaneous combustion. Hungary has erupted in various fires started by the bodies of Abnormal Hungarians spontaneously combusting. Death by self mutilation and defenestration have swept through the lives of innocent Hungarians; JOAH is a plan of action against such movements. JOAH has set up hospitals and asylums for those affected by the Abnormal Hungarians; both victims and bystanders alike.
You better quit acting abnormal, I'll call JOAH on your ass.
by Joah Pohl January 01, 2007
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