A shortening of the name "Jonas Brothers"
best band evuur
did you see the jobros in concert last night?
yeah i love them!
by olena April 10, 2008
A nickname for the best band in the world ever who got on the Rolling Stones cover twice, hosted the Much Music Awards, won a Much Music Award, are hosting the Teen Choice Awards, are nominated for 11 Teen Choice Awards including their brother Frankie, performed at the Grammies and got nominated for a Grammy!!!! This term is used on television, magazines and among friends.
OMJ aren't the Jobros amazing.

Jobro Kevin recently got engaged to girlfriend Danielle Deleasa.
by JOBRO FAN 09 July 18, 2009
I shorter term used to define the musical group "The Jonas Brothers"

Normally used as an affectionate term by fans of their music

Possibly coined from the 'Hanna Montana' eppisode when Hanna's father refers to the group as such
person A: "I love the jo-bros!"
person B: "OH I know! Which Bro is your fave?"
person A: "I love all the jo-bros!"
by ixmarisaxi May 24, 2008

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