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Often used when insulting someone, as a comeback.
"you cracka imma bust a cap in yo ass"
"Do you kiss jo mamma with those lips nigga?"
by K8 August 05, 2004
43 11
The ghetto way of saying "your momma", someone who uses this expression did not get educated in school or dropped out in 1st grade.
Hey jonny, les go steal that car ova ther!
But jo mamma said we gats ta stop, or we be in jail
by J-Wheezy June 11, 2005
44 20
Originated in about 1983. From a Knock knock joke. About the time (your mamma) jokes started. It was in place of YO short for YOUR. Hence JO
Knock Knock...Who's there? Jo.. Jo Who? JOMAMMA.
by jomamma2 February 04, 2010
9 1
Your mother, usually insulting
I banged jo mamma last night, damn was she good!
by Anonymous October 27, 2003
23 15
Basically it means "your mom" when the word Jomamma is said alone the reader must use his immagination as to what it means. it could mean your mom is fat or your mom is ugly.
Player 1: Your so gay
Player 2: Jomamma's gay <_<
by Josh November 12, 2004
4 4
classic comeback
I saw you looking at it!
Pfft. Jo momma you did.
by Alfie June 15, 2004
16 19