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An instance where the popular msn slang term "jks" acts as a safety net of sorts towards an individual trying and/or testing out a specific idea and/or thought on another individual. If afromentioned individual rejects said idea the rejected can quickly send a "jks!" immediately to quickly compensate for their epic failure.
An instance in where a "Jks Save" would best take effect..

Person 1 says (9:53 PM):
This is my new screen name: /wristxx it hurt to breathe /wristxx
Person 2 says (9:53 PM):
Lol there's an "s" in hurts faggot XD
Person 2 says (9:54 PM):
But don't don't anyway, that sounds incredigay
Person 1says (9:56 PM):
Don't worry it was totally jks!
Person 1 says (9:56 PM):

Jesus saves...but so does Jokes.
by pewpewpew! September 03, 2009
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