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After masturbation is complete; or the act of cumming on someones face
I Once Jizzed on my girlfriends face.
by Brett April 25, 2005
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Best.Song.Ever. About cumming in your pants.
I ate a grape and I jizzed in mah pants.
by Miku326 January 31, 2009
Past tense (imperfect) of the verb, "jizz"
Tommy jizzed on Pat after stroking it
by Joseph February 08, 2005
when a lad blurts on ya
he just jizzed on me
by charlotte stains March 21, 2005
(Adj.)State of extreme fatigue and general disinterest in all things. From the sentiment felt after a male has cum.
I can't go out tonight, I'm totally jizzed.
by Dr. Penfield May 03, 2009
Being drunk and intoxicated.
I drank a shit load last night, I was so jizzed.
by Gregory K September 22, 2007
The state of being excited, ecstatic.
I was so jizzed to have won the lottery.
by steen February 21, 2005

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