When you jizz on a pizza.
I jacked off last night, shot my load on the pizza and made Jamie eat it. Dude, pizza and jizz? JIZZA!
by MisterGreen January 15, 2011
Top Definition
Jizza is slang for the realest city in Norway. Jizza is short for Jessheim and is soon to be the capital of Norway.
Yo dawg where u from?

Im straight outta Jizza son.
by Alexrichi July 29, 2008
to be fly, better than the rest, the best, cool, etc.

Your the man, you own the game.
Look at that Jizza ballin it up out there.
by The Disturber May 05, 2008
a respected movie and music pirate in the underground scene, his work can be found everywhere in the piracy scene
Tom: "Hey Homey where did you get the new Ironman from? It's not even in theatres yet!"
Bob: "I got the hookup from my main man JiZZA!"
by thewhitestniggayoueverseen420 January 09, 2009
Jewish pIZZA= JIZZA. its that kosher knock off pizza that tastes like crap but you have to eat if youre getting a slice coke and fries for only $4. Usually found in highly populated jewish neighborhoods such as midwood area on ave j and ocean parkway in brooklyn
mike: what'd you have for lunch today

matt: i was starving so i had to settle for some jizza, you just cant beat the special
by mhornets September 27, 2007
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