jizcipline \jizz-uh-plin\ , noun, verb
1. The ability to maintain an enduring penile erection whilst performing sexual intercourse for a prolonged amount of time, regardless of the positioning or frequency of thrust
2. Something consistently practiced on Sting's tour bus and/or in his bedroom, likely for decades to come
Louis, having no fear of a potential 'whiskey dick' scenario, met Jennifer at a night club, initiated coitus back at her place, and displayed such spectacular jizcipline that Jennifer's flat mate, Susie, was convinced both lovers had achieved a state of sexual nirvana.

Jizcipline is something I once possessed in my twenties, but time has been so cruel to these wrinkled prunes I doubt there is any chance for redemption, my dear. Yes, I shall call you a taxi post-haste.
by id0pa March 30, 2013

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