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An Irish person who's cheap.

Jimmy's from Ireland, but I he's so cheap you'd swear he was a Jew, freakin Jirish...
by unhneon October 25, 2007
A hybrid of Japanese and Irish.

If one is looking for Irish and Jewish then they should call them Irew.
Hey my mommy is Irish and my daddy is Japanese. What does that make me?


by J_Jammer January 08, 2009
Half-Jewish, Half-Irish
My mom's a Jew and my father's Irish. I guess that makes me Jirish.
by Dirty Rico November 18, 2004
Half Irish, half Jewish or Irish born and connected to Judaism by marriage
Waiter: What can I get you?

Customer: Pint of Guiness and a fry up please, but hold the bacon - I'm Jirish
by pauliemafia October 23, 2008