Someone who has red hair
Person1: Do you reckon that Jinnas curtains match the carpet?
Person2: Dude are you talking about pubes?!?!
by ForrestGump August 14, 2007
Top Definition
A girl with unimaginable cuteness. Beautiful, talented, and a sexual goddess. She is blind to her own beauty. She makes the most adorable faces when she's upset. Sometimes people say things just to see her cute reactions. She sleeps like an angel, and looks amazing in the mornings. She makes men fall crazy in love with her, and even some of the ladies, but she's always completely oblivious to everything and everyone. A bit forgetful, and tends to take FOREVER to get ready. But she's worth it, because in every other way she's just perfection.
"Bro, if you could have any girl, who would it be?"

"You already know, Jinna."

"Oh man bro, but she's been your best friend for 2 years!"

"Yeah, she's totally oblivious towards me."

"Friend-zoned, real bad. It's probably best to move on honestly.."

"Yeah, but I love her. She's the girl of my dreams."
by Whatsthepoint February 07, 2013
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