Another term for "Shit" or "Stuff"

Interchangeable with "Jawn"
What's with this random jink on my floor?
#shit #stuff #things #jawn #jinky
by jinkmeister September 07, 2012
Top Definition
It's money.
Hey, got some jink to spare?
by Dennis April 10, 2003
planar currency. anything shiny that can be used for trade to purchase bigger, cooler objects.
"OI! that bugga stole me jink!"
by d*g1t January 24, 2003
Is what you say, when you and at least one other person, simultaneously, say the same word(s). If you are first to say jinks, you are in effect the jinks master, and the person who uttered the same word(s) and who is now jinksed, cannot speak, until someone says their name in full. Utterring words while jinksed however, will result in double jinks, triple jinks and so on and so forth, for each additional word spoken.
Trudy and Rebecca: The chocolate one please
Trudy: JINKS!
Rebecca: Huh!?
Trudy: double jinks!
Cecile: Rebecca Smith
Rebecca: Phewww, thanks cecile
#game #loser #kids #speak #badluck
by yoyoyoyourmama July 26, 2006
When one jerks off into the sink
Brother: "Hey are you done washing your hands yet I need to poop?"
You: "No give me a few more minutes I'm using the jink so you might want to clean it when I leave"
#jower #jabinets #jupboards #jarpet #joilet
by AndTheDeadWillRise February 08, 2010
Stab someone without preamble or provocation--a form of thuggery rather than something that happens in a "knife fight." Most often an assassination in prison.
"Don was walking through an alley and a crackhead hiding in a doorway jinked him with a screwdriver."

"Seth was walking back to his cell and two guys ran around a corner and jinked him up--ran the gears on him. He owed their boss money and couldn't pay."
#thugged #thug #knife #thuggery #blade #mug #run the gears #prison #shiv #shank #stab
by Yelnik McWawa May 31, 2014
a word used in place for "dumbfuck" or "dumbass"
That girl said she could beat my ass! What a jink!
#dumbfuck #jink #hick #dumbass #stupid
by Scribblez January 07, 2008
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