Slang for masturbation. Comes from Jerking Off or J'ing O.
I'm gonna go jingo and get to sleep early tonight.
by Quackerson March 06, 2006
Jingo is the definition for a person that shoves a pen up your asshole but claims it was the wind
person 1: Jingo!
person 2: What was that for?
person 1: It wasn't me it was the wind.
person 2: Oh ok.
by brockos July 28, 2009
Contrary to common belief (which was that it was slang for masterbation) but the word ''Jingo'' is a name rarely given to a woman, and when it is, it means that she is, in fact, the perfect woman. Usually beautiful, kind, and all around amazing.
"She's such a Jingo... She's way too good for me :("
by The Yankee Douche. May 03, 2009
Jingo is a term widely used, across the world. The word jingo can be used in many different contexts, but is usually used to call someone a name, as an insult or a compliment. This term originated in the year 2009, and will become a very popular term for the coming years.
"Stop it you jingo" (Used as a negative term)
"Your such a jingo ;)" (Used as a positive term)
by Being-Of-The-Universe March 22, 2009
noun - a contration of jargon and lingo. Where a specific field of work and/or study requires so much use of technical jargon, references, etc, for successful communication it appears to be almost its own vernacular language, incomprehensible to outsiders.
Please slow down, I don't talk the jingo.
by Stephen Wenman March 11, 2008
(V.) to push, slam, or hit violently on the back of anothers chair, from behind. often times resulting in the movement of the person being jingoed, often times accidental

Syn.- annoying push
Ant- Ognij
I jingoed the back of Mike arduino's chair, quite violently
by Mike Arduino May 26, 2007
Contrary to earlier beliefs, jingo is in fact an appellation reserved solely for someone who is a friend. Much as a mexican would say amigo or an american would say buddy, brits have now evolved to say 'jingo' instead of 'mate'.
A: Bella fonti jingo.
B: What's cluckin' jingo?

A: Nout' man, just watching some um bongo.
B: Irie, laters jingo.
by TheCountOfFontiCrispo May 24, 2005

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