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My testicles on the holidays. Typically substituted for "jingle bells" when trying to come up with new Christmas songs.
"Jingle Balls, I slip and Fall, While Shopping at the Mall" ..... bad example, but it sounds way the hell better than the lousy original song that your teachers made you sing in the school Christmas recital.
by classyguy271 December 23, 2010
when you get an std from santa clause
bromg he just came down my chimney without a condom and got total jingle balls bro!
by chefmike February 28, 2016
To exaggerate a compliment or try to make someone feel better by boosting their ego, or "jingling their balls"

A spirtual awakening from caressing ones ego.

A brown noser or suck up.
"Man I had to jingle their balls all day just to get them to work."

"Oh, here comes ol' jingle balls"
by Cthaman November 16, 2007
Silver round hard balls that go back and forth and make click click noises.
Picture yourself tea bagging a guy with really small silver nuts
by Shaniqua November 29, 2003
When performing oral sex, the woman bites the mans balls cutting off blood flow until they turn red and green. (Often performed in the Pain Olympics)
Tyler wanted to just watch a movie, but Alex snuck under the blankets until she gave him jingle balls until he fainted.
by idfkjhjhkhjh January 11, 2014
when you are fucking a girl in her vagina and you slip your ball (or balls) into her vagina, or when your fucking her in her vagina and someone else is fucking her in the ass and he slips his balls in her vagina
jack was fucking his girlfriend when he jingle balls her.
by lautal January 18, 2010
An insult meaning 'you suck cock'. Nice festive twist on the old 'you suck monkey balls'
You sucks jingle balls!
by Julyyy December 08, 2006
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