1. A large Korean kid with a huge head.

2. A liar or storyteller

3. A person who walks too damn close to you.
Whoa! Look at the Jin.
Stop Jinning me you queer

by Jingay August 02, 2008
A person who is from Korean descent. They have a small penis and are obsessed with cars. They have no taste in music and movies. Usually they resort to homosexuality. They resemble horses because of the big gap in their teeth. You might want to avoid these kinds of people because of their body odor, looks and just the embarrassment of being around them.
"Damn that Jin guy ruins the purpose of life"
by Livern Poola March 31, 2009
jin is the new short for 'virgin'.

A very clever abbreviation that can be used in everyday conversation, without people questioning your motives or sexuality.
hey ains, do you reckon sean is a jin?
by liambre April 30, 2007
typically a korean man that enjoys djing and playing on his computer.A jin also enjoys arguing,cooking and sex. LOOK OUT they are stubborn ones!
" Jin, can you play this song for me tonight while youre djing?"
" no that song sucks!"
" oh, but please?i think its good!"
"no!,it sucks youre wrong"
by Danielle voegele January 30, 2008
The sound made by palm muting an electric guitar with high gain levels and hitting a low note.
Intro of Thunder Kiss '69 by White Zombie:

jin jin jinjin, jinjin jin jinjin, jinjin jin jinjin, jadeedoodeedoo
jin jin jinjin, jinjin jin jinjin, jinjin jin jinjin, jadeedoodeedoo...
by Salient Alien July 08, 2005
Some faggot rapper that only got popular because he is the only asain rapper currently on market.
rofl jin sucks ass eminem could rip him apart, shit, even 50 cent could rip him up
by :( January 31, 2005
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