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A person of korean canadian descent who usually has a sketchy past that no one should question and should not mess around with. Jins usually are highly skilled in the art of snapping necks and violently hurting anyone who dares to cross their path. They are trained in several martial arts, a variety that one may even classify them as a North Korean spy. Although they do many things that they regret, they are also very thorough with their decisions, sticking to them to the end, if to them it is the right decision. Jins are deadly but loyal. If you know a Jin. Trust him/her. Otherwise you may regret that they are not on your side later on.
That Jin should be my bodyguard.
Oh my god a Jin, staying away from that one.
by BeholdTheTruth February 20, 2013
jin = pimp juice and a half raptastic freestyler /slash/ fun!
like damn bro wtf Jin be poppin bottles and fuckin models but ill never speak chinese mmmbooob KAy SLayyy boooo!!!!!!! omfg heart attackk1k1k11!!!!!oneonoenoene
by COC December 17, 2003
A name associated with an immature asian. This person is a horrible liar and complete womanizer. Usually you can find then at anime conventions and malls and other large areas of people where they can scope out girls to ruin their lives. Usually you can't even tell if a Jin is male or female until it speaks. And sometimes it's still sketchy. Their pasts are VERY SKEP. SKEP. They will try to ruin a girls life, feed them all kinda of horrible lies and lead them on as long as they can. Then once the girl finally breaks free, the Jin is usually VERY good at ruining their reputations and turning everything around to make it look like it's the girl's fault. The girl then finds herself losing many friends and the Jin gets off scotch free like nothing ever happened, and is thus the innocent one.
Girl 1: OMG look at that Jin over there in his Reno cosplay. He's so HAWT!

Girl 2: Daaayyyyyum girl he is fine!

Girl 3: I think you shouldn't mess with him I've heard stories from other girls.

Girl 1: psssssh idc..
by TruthBearer8748716273854618645 January 14, 2011
Abbreviation to the slang name/ word ginger which is a red head or anyone who grows red hair on their body.
Kevin not only looked like a teddy bear, but he also was a Jin.
by MeleKalikimaka July 30, 2012
Or variations like: J,Jay-in,J-en,J-in-it,Jayen Jayin or J-in-off,J-ed(past tense) sometimes be confused with names Jayne, Jay, Jade, or Jason. A derivative / abbreviation for the present tense phase "jacking off" or "jerking off", which is slang for masturbation. Similar to the abbreviations: HJ,BJ,FJ or ZJ. The letter "J" when used alone can be short for "Jizz" or seamen, or in proper context (along with J-ed) can be the past tense of "jacking off".
" Hey, sorry I did not answer I was totally j-in when you called'
" Yea, I had to bust out a quick safety J in the bathroom the flying J"
" I J-ed like six times last night"
" I got J all over her"
" I J-ed all over her"
by Michael P. P. April 01, 2008
Nickname for Virginia or Jinny.

Very smart and has a friendly personality. Usually has red or dark brown hair. Sexy and beautiful.

Easy to be around
Have you met my best friend, Jin. She is so pretty and amazing.
by Pumpkin1 August 22, 2010
The best asian rapper
Jin's album is dropping next year, be sure to pick it up and support this fly rapper!
by JIN IS THE BOMB December 15, 2003