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A person of korean canadian descent who usually has a sketchy past that no one should question and should not mess around with. Jins usually are highly skilled in the art of snapping necks and violently hurting anyone who dares to cross their path. They are trained in several martial arts, a variety that one may even classify them as a North Korean spy. Although they do many things that they regret, they are also very thorough with their decisions, sticking to them to the end, if to them it is the right decision. Jins are deadly but loyal. If you know a Jin. Trust him/her. Otherwise you may regret that they are not on your side later on.
That Jin should be my bodyguard.
Oh my god a Jin, staying away from that one.
by BeholdTheTruth February 20, 2013
7 -1
Asian American Hip Hop Artist signed to the Ruff Ryders.
You might spit like Jin but he does it better.
by Hank November 05, 2003
672 122
An asian rapper that signed off with Ruff Ryders. He became famous by rapping at freetyle fridays on 106 & Park on BET. He slaughtered contestant after contestant. He's probably the best frestyle MC out there right now.
Jin could tear up Eminem in a freestyle battle.
by Albanian Kid February 22, 2005
554 178
The best asian rapper
Jin's album is dropping next year, be sure to pick it up and support this fly rapper!
by JIN IS THE BOMB December 15, 2003
513 244
An asian rapper(no not azn, asian) who started at Freestyle Friday in B.E.T(probably the only asian that was showed in b.e.t). His name is Jin Au-Yeung or known as Jin tha mc
Jin vs Eminem in a freestyle....gee i wonder who would win?
by uranus November 25, 2003
351 142
a chinese rapper from miami. signed to ruff ryders.won 7 times on freestyle friday on bet
jin will rip you if u try to battle him
by ting tong January 15, 2005
309 142
the no.1 asian rapper ever!

the definition of a talented,sexy,fly,fine man
hes ASIAN not azn!!

i was doin it on the couch with jin aka jin the mc!
by LadieFlie December 19, 2003
267 152
The future of hiphop along side Kanye West. Killed MC's on BET Freestyle Friday and now a Ruff Ryder (no it aint a rumour) ya'll betta learn chinese!

The Rest Is History
Jin Fan No1 - "damn, again they be puttin jins album back, this time sumer 2004 <ANGRY>"

Jin Fan No2 - "Wait till Jins, kanye produced joint drops, it will all be worth it"
by holla_at_ya_boy March 06, 2004
204 114