A Jimothy is any person who has an 8 year-old haircut plus enjoys and/or completes a narrow range of tasks. Namely: burn seshes and paying for YOUR benefit. At said burn seshes he goes nuts and this is where jimothies who have not been discovered show their true colors. They will poor gasoline on things that don't have any business being burned. Second, a Jimothy ALWAYS pays for things. Namely: food, vacations, mortgages, and college tuition. In the end we all love a Jimothy and will always appreciate their presence.
Guy 1: I am really hungry!
Guy 2: Where is Jimothy when you need him?!
by Westy '10 July 05, 2010
2 Words related to Jimothy
A nickname for James.
Ten bucks says Jimothy is a nickname for James.
by Snukky September 18, 2011
Dirty minded, life of the party, full of jokes, tends to be hairy and seems to think they are always right in any situation. Quick to defend those he cares for and stand up for injustice.
You know you can count on a friend whose name is Jimothy, at least for something.
by nmber1_pita February 02, 2010

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