Jimmy Page can be summed up in one simple word: God.
The best word to describe Jimmy Page is 'God.'
by Jackie Deram August 02, 2006
the most orgasmic guitarist ever to breathe air.He was originally a session guitarist. Played 80% of rock/blues songs of the 70's. Then joined the new yardbirds ..followed eric clapton and eventually pieced together Led Zeppelin. The band that defines true rock. Jimmy Page is by far a god. A rock legend. If he wasn't pushing 60. I'd want to have his babies.
Listen to Kashmir..or anything by him. Theres a damn good example
by WeAllFallDown6 March 27, 2005
James Patrick Page aka Jimmy Page.Best guitarist to grace the scene. Before even joining the YardBirds he was a studio session guitarist earning a name among his profession. His guitar works are on numerous albums. After the YardBirds split he formed Led Zeppelin gaining super stardom which was well deserved. Had an amazing stage presence and owned the skills many guitarist can only dream of. Even after Led Zeppelin broke up he still continued his own career.
Talent,Mystery,and handsome. Think that and Jimmy should be the first thought in your head.
by Nikki A. May 28, 2005
the best guitarist ever!!!
i worship jimmy boy!!
english rockstar
member of the late yardbirds before the band split and Jimmy started the new yardbirds, later named led zeppelin. well the rest is rock history!!
member of led zeppelin (best band ever)
signature les paul- i would die for a les paul!!
worshipped the devil...but thats okay because if that makes him a good guitarist then maybe i should 2! haha
by Sara March 08, 2005
THE greatest guitarist ever of all time. Jimmy was born a mortal and turned into a god by using his Les Paul to create the most amazing sounds ever to be heard. He began in the Yardbirds, but is famous for being the lead guitarist in Led Zeppelin (which btw is the greatest band that has and will ever exist). He is extremely creative, for example his using a violin bow on his guitar. His unfathomable skills are greatly demonstrated in Dazed and Confused, Whole Lotta Love, Communication Breakdown, Heart Breaker, and of course, the biggest rock song ever heard by mankind, Stairway to Heaven. God Jimmy's live performances are unfathomably awesome as he improvises and gives solos up to at least 15 minutes (Check out The Song Remains The Same Live CD). Also, he is very sexy with his long and wavy 70's hair and really cute face.

P. S.
Those of you fuckhead asshole retards who think ur being cool by calling Jimmy Page (God of Rock), a faget who has screechy riffs and that eric clapton is better than him don't kno shit. Clearly you are on crack and are high and don't kno what the fuck ur talking about. You kno nothing whatsoever about rock and it's influences because if you did, you'd kno that Led Zeppelin was one, if not the, most influential bands ever and that they'd be nearly nothing without God Jimmy, who made Stairway to Heaven the greatest rock song with his solo voted best rock solo ever. So for those of u who kno more about Hanna Montana than rock, please, don't write Jimmy Page a bad definition because you have no life and think that u can criticize God Jimmy when u could never do a millionth of the things he did that changed the world. But for those of you who still insult him anyway, I suggest you shoot yourself in the head, put the bits and pieces of your small, demented brain back together, go buy a Led Zeppelin cd, listen to the greatness that is Jimmy Page, and worship him for all eternity and forever beg for his forgiveness.
P. S. S.
Some of you fucktard poser rock critics shouldn't listen to Jimmy Page's music for its awesomeness may be too intense for your worthless ears and may melt your head off.
Person 1: I listen to an hour of Jimmy Page's solos a day, he's fucking amazing
Person 2: Why would you do that? He's a faggot with screechy riffs and Eric Clapton is better than him.
Person 1 shoots Person 2 in the head, passerby cheer, then they all go worship Jimmy Page
by xoxorockkixa**oxox June 30, 2008
Used in the late 70's - early 80's to describe graceful body mechanics while under the influence of any mind-altering chemical. Jimmy Page was a rock legend/guitar hero of Led Zeppelin fame who's stoned appearence during the performances in the movie "The Song Remains the Same", while playing the shit out his guitar, led many to strive for the perfect balance of being simultaniously completely wasted in appearance, yet gracefully in control of their art.
(1980's conversation between two BMX dirt jumpers, about a third jumper they admired).

Stoner A: Did you see that yesterday? That dude was so radically wasted, after we smoked a couple bowls at the wall jump, he rode as fast as he could and pulled a "Jimmy Page" with a near up-side-down, no footer table top flipping me the bird, from like 15 feet in the air.

Stoner B: The Dude's eyes were glowing red. I can't believe he landed that thing and rode away.
by ToOldToJumpAnymore January 20, 2009
1.) An out of this world musician that will blow your mind! God like unequivical awesomeness. Created some of the best music ever. A rock God. A blessing to the ears, and a trip for the mind. To put it simply...he was just friggin AMAZING! ....but that is certainly a definite understatement!
2.) Jimmy Page to a girl...saying this as a girl. A sexy beast back in the day! He got a bit older, but he's still awesome. Had tons of groupies back in the day.
3.) If you're a straight guy his music will still turn you on...at least.
1.) That Jimmy Page is effing insane!!!!!! you gotta dig the PAGE man!

2.) girl: Damn I just turned legal...too bad its not 1974!

3.) guy #1: ....man I would so go gay for Page!
guy #2: WTF did you say!?
by dazed And ConfuZEd July 17, 2009
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