One who is like God. Anyone who denies physical laws o the universe this often has got to be some sort of diety.
Dazed and Confused, violin bow, Led Zeppelin "DVD"
by Chuck Lee January 31, 2005
He is the best, and the sexiest, guitarist in the world.
No one can emulate Jimmy Page.
by Ashlers March 29, 2008
Only the greatest guitarist to ever exist on out planet.
Bow to Jimmy Page, for he is God.
by The Door v5 (gamertag) February 10, 2005
James Patrick Page, OBE born in Heston, England in the 1940's. Lived near Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck. He first was a session player, then joined small bands, then joined Chris Dreja's band The Yardbirds, with Eric Clapton then adding Jeff Beck. After The Yardbirds ended, he found a new project called "The New Yardbirds," consisting of Robert Plant, John Baldwin (a.k.a. John Paul Jones), and John Bonham. They later renamed themselves to Lead Zeppelin, then to Led Zeppelin, thinking we americans might mispronounce it as (lee-d).

In Led Zeppelin, he became one of the greatest guitarists ever, if not the, and in an interview with William S. Burroughs helped define this new hard blues-rock as "Heavy Metal." His famous "Zoso" symbol, consisting his astrological sign the Capricorn, and his religion O.T.O. (Ordo Templis Orientis), is famous with him.

Trademark guitars include: Sunburst Gibson Les Paul 1959, Gibson EDS-1275, the Dragon-theme Fender Telecaster, and the Danelectro guitar.

After the end of Led Zeppelin, he composed the soundtrack to Death Wish II, and later in 2001 used the theme of "Kashmir" for Sean "Diddy" Combs.

He also recieved the Officer of the British Empire (OBE) order by the Queen for his work in Brazil for homeless children. He was made an honorary citizenship of Rio de Janeiro.

His daughter, Scarlet Page, is a photographer for many Pop-Culture magazines.
Jimmy Page is only God of the Guitar.
by Dev Patel October 15, 2005
Lead guitarist of Led Zeppelin. Also a collecter of Alister Crowley memorbilia and rumoured Satanist. Jimmy Page was also really hot.
"Dude,I heard Zep sold their souls to the devil for all their success"
by Jackie January 18, 2005
Hands down the best guitarist to have ever existed!
JImmy Page is better than air itself
by Andy Antonczak December 13, 2004
the most beautiful man to walk this earth
Jimmy Page is STUNNING
by plantlover December 18, 2005
Guitar god of the 70's. Founder and producer of the most influecial rock/ heavy metal bands in history. His greatness is a landmark for guitarists today to reach. Without Led where the hell would be now?
Jimmy Page kicks you ass with songs like Whole Lotta Love and Heartbreaker, but Stairway to Heaven is something on its own.
by RockGod April 05, 2005

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