A slang term form condom
I need to grab a jimmy before going out with the ladies
by bob February 17, 2005
See cunt and bitch
Oh, hey Jimmies! Whats up?
by blorg March 23, 2005
The name for the baggie that weed is sold in.
The jimmy he gave me broke in my back pocket and it smelled for weeks.
by P Dittle September 23, 2005
a jimmy is a cannabis ciggy
drive up to cemetary bob, i need to smoke a jimmy
by mr smith March 13, 2005
(n.) A New England term used to replace the word "sprinkles", typically used when ordering ice cream
"Do you want any toppings on your ice cream?"
"Ya I'll have some whip cream and jimmies"
by urbandickionary June 16, 2015
an asshole who fucks with girls feelings only because their boobs are rather large.
Girl: Why are you crying
Girl 2: because the fucktard jimmy spread my nudes to everyone
by salsa sammy January 22, 2015
The act of reciving an over the pants hand job
"I was at the strip club last night and this chick totally gave me a jimmy."

"I've been talking this girl but she's a total prude she only gives me jimmys. "
by J. H. Matlock December 21, 2014

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