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Another perfect example of why Christians are largely considered hypocritical by mainstream society. A long-time TV-evangelist who's protested against such things as homosexuality, heavy metal music, etc; apparently out of dedication to Christ. In reality, he's been nothing but a money-seeking, power-hungry and extremely self-righteous hypocrite whose main focus is the media, not Christ. He preaches with a fanatical, bible-bashing "repent ye wretched sinners" attitude, but his public humiliation started when he was (repeatedly) caught in hotel rooms with prostitutes, allegedly explaining he was "just counselling whores and conducting 'research'". In other words, he's a pathetic excuse for a human being whose contribution to Christianity was worsening the church's already bad reputation. Thanks a lot, fucker.
Jimmy Swaggart: "I don't believe in gay marriages. In fact, I'd kill any homosexual who looked at me with love in his eyes."
Audience: "...."
*clashing of widespread outrage and public opting for an apology to Jimmy's "joke" soon follows thereafter*
by Alhadis March 21, 2005
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