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Jimmy Ortiz is the most amazing beautiful guy in the whole wide world. He is like the sun... or the billions of stars in our galaxy, the milkyway. it is the name of a great breakdancer, he skills give me a wet crouch. whenever he looks at you, you get orgasms. he eyes are brighter than the glow-in-the-dark unicorn shaped rubber band.... OR A SUPERNOVA! he is sooooo supper cute, i could talk about him for 24/7. i'll love him for theee rest of my life. whenever i think about him i think about food... food is the best, i love food. jimmy is the kind of guy you'd see and say "ay, you craci! give some of YOUR popcorn"
he looked at her... she noticed... *ORGASM*... he just pulled a Jimmy Ortiz
by theeRealWALDO123456789 May 14, 2010
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